01 Nov 12 at 11 pm
tags: pfft  life  distance  love  sad  pffft 

Some times I kind of wonder if, and others it’s plain to see,
That I happen to need you more than you need me. 

01 Nov 12 at 8 pm
tags: distance  love  relationship  sad 

In about six months from now this becomes long distance for at least that long.
I don’t know what to do. I can’t do distance, but I can’t do without you. 

I would tell you to come home. It’s what I have written on my calendar. “Elliot comes home!” But the reality is, this place isn’t home, is it? Not when you’re not here. Plain and simple, love, what I’ve come to know is that to me you are home. And it makes sense: that’s the only way to explain this horrid, all-pervading void left in your wake. So asking you to come home is silly. Rather, I want to go home.