When it comes to harvesting wild edibles, there is no shortage of plants that contain the minerals and vitamins we need to remain healthy. In fact, because of the conditions in which they grow wild plants contain many-fold the nutrients of their domestic counterparts. Springtime arrived, and with it, nature’s green bounty. Recently, I’ve been researching and sampling wild edibles. While nutrients are not an issue, what I have noticed is that high-calorie wild edibles are far less common. If you’re incorporating them into dishes in your own kitchen, that’s all good and well, but what about in a survival situation? And so after doing some bookwork, I bring to you a short list of some calorie-rich wild edibles! However, wild edibles require and amount of calorie expenditure to gather and process, which is important to remember. I’m picking these species because they’re native to the Northeast, but most of them grow all over the place. Anyways, enjoy!

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