Had a killer time at the Streetlight show last night, even if we had to leave early. Spending the day with the boyfriend, and writing a paper, watching wildlife documentaries. He’s sick so let’s hope I can help him feel better. 

Let it go down that this day in history, no matter how sad I might be at some other point, I was happy. And that’s an infinite improvement over alcohol poisoning last weekend, yeah.

28 Nov 12 at 11 pm
tags: good  happy  life  smile 

Tonight was a really good night. Talked with a bunch of friends. Got a bunch of work and cleaning done. Hung out with the ferrets. Saw the boyfriend, even if it was only for a little bit. Did some cooking. Going to do some meditation and art when I’ve made progress with this last essay. Oh, and getting roadkill venison this weekend! Yes, yes.

Had to decide on a concentration today for my major, or rather design one for myself. So once I get it finalized, when I graduate my degree will be in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Experiential Environmental Education. I rather like the ring of that.
Still, I can’t deny that making a commitment to specialize is kinda of scary. Like, if this doesn’t work out, then what? Or maybe it’s scary because the notion of committing to something that will make me happy, committing to be happy, scares the crap out of me.

16 Mar 12 at 1 pm

Some treasures we found on an island with two actie fox dens. 

Some treasures we found on an island with two actie fox dens. 

Back with my Ithaca family. I’m so happy to be home. I never thought I’d feel this way about somewhere. But here I am. Yeah, it’s gonna be finals. Yeah, it’s gonna be stressful. But that’s okay. I’ll consider it the price of being in an amazing place with amazing people. I’m so glad I met you all.