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asker What are you doing this summer and what is tipi living like? It sounds really interesting!

This summer I am an instructor for an organization that teaches primtive survival skills and naturalist skills to children. This entails not only teaching these skills, but planning out week long programs that will frame them in a meaningful way. It’s a lot of work but also a lot of fun and very rewarding. And tipi living is so rad! My friend who I share the tipi with and I are are currently undertaking a series of primitive projects (shelves, cordage, baskets, hides, etc.) after work to make the tipi more homey. Swimming in the nearby creek is also a daily staple of tipi living. And, fires every night keep it pretty toasty in there, and we’ve been trying new wild teas when we can in the evenings, by way of rock-boiling water.

Only four more nights of sleeping alone.
Three nights after tonight. I think I can do that.

Sorry I’ve been so absent, tumblr. Between not having a computer of my own, and spending four or five nights of the week sleeping in a tipi it’s been kind of hard to update. This WSIC course has been more incredible that words can describe. The incredible people I’ve met and bonded with, and the learning that starts with the sunrise and extends beyond the sunset… I wouldn’t trade it for a thing. I might write about it when I get time.

After I finish the WSIC, I should have my own computer. Also, I’ll be working as an instructor (stoked) and will be spending a few more nights a week inside (not stoked) so I should be posting a bit more here. I’ll also have a few free weeks, but some of them will hopefully be spent road tripping. I can update on the road, so bear with me here.

Also, other exciting news about learning I might be doing in the future. I found a falconer to potentially apprentice with, later in the summer I may be returning to Tracker for the Philosophy I class, and in the fall I’m likely going to miss a week of class for The Art of Mentoring workshop! Just… wow. I feel so blessed to have all these amazing people, opportunities and learning experiences in my life these past few months. Endless gratitude, universe. Really.


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002 by Ryan Hancock on Flickr.

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002 by Ryan Hancock on Flickr.

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Mountain View from Cliff Point by Gilbert Photography on Flickr.